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fluent in football™


Strategy by Design Efficiency thru Execution Technology with Purpose


TEQONOMY™ is a consultancy of management professionals, fluent in football™, delivering advisory and problem solving expertise in the disciplines, markets, and territories mission critical to our clients.

Our mission:  help clubs, competitions, associations and other industry stakeholders to maximize business performance and competitive advantage off the field so that the game can excel on it.

Let us help you with ...
  • Asset monetization — review, strategies, programs and execution
  • Strategic planning, project management and execution
  • Strategic profit and cost — audit, analysis, and optimization
  • Communications' strategy, media, marketing and analysis of the stakeholder landscape
  • Foundation development programs
  • Internationalization — strategies and representation
  • Operations' optimization — for people, process, and systems
  • Sophisticated research, modelling, analysis and predictive analytics for finance, markets and sports
  • Supplementing human resources on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Data management, back office systems integration, GDPR and migrating back-office systems to the cloud
  • Global ecosystems — engage the fan wherever possible, every day in every way ... for a lifetime.
  • Digital strategies to maximize customer acquistion, retention and monetization probability
  • Risk mitigation strategies and blueprints for relegation recovery
  • B2B business development and LinkedIn channel development
  • Strategies and blueprints for technical development — brand, product and systems
Why let a lack of bandwidth, resources and expertise create barriers or interfere with your ability to excel off the field?

Team with us to take advantage of best minds and best practice to realize your organizations's full potential.

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